Chord Pickout for Windows

With the Chord Pickout Download can digitally detect the chords for almost all the songs and automatically transcribe these musicians. In addition, the program offers a gripping aid for guitar players.

No more guesswork about chords thanks Chord Pickout Download

make a variety of programs for music helps musicians and those who want to be in the education of their musical abilities. Experienced Musicians have developed an ear for the notes, and can easily hear from songs chords. Without this exercise, it is difficult for beginners to understand the correct notes. Just when you want to re-enact an actual song that pertinent information is sometimes hard to find.

Chord Pickout Download

With the Chord Pickout download a simple and well-made solution for those who do not want to go for every song on a lengthy Score Search offers. After downloading the audio software on the operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 installed. After that, the right triads can be determined for all songs.

With the Chord Pickout all the chords are at hand

The handling of the program is easy. After Chord Pickout was opened any audio file formats MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, M4A and WAV can be imported into the Audiopragramm. After a few minutes, a clear presentation of the song appears. In the upper part of the file name is entered. Including the soundtrack of the piece is graphically and continuously displayed. Directly over the soundtrack, the chords are displayed, which can be changed on request. The program also provides an automatic transposition, so that the whole song can be changed at any intervals in height with one click. In addition there is a field for entering the corresponding lyrics.

Chord Pickout Download Print version

The analyzed songs can be saved as program-specific CPT files. Similarly, an export is possible as a text file. However, only the lyrics and the chords are visible. The embedded print function also provides just such information.

Making music with assistance

The program is aimed primarily at guitarists. Facilities include a particularly handy feature: When playing the tune in a separate program window handles are displayed on the guitar neck. These run concurrently with the audio file and fit in to pieces transposed the new height. This audio and visual support, the software is ideal to rehearse new songs.

Chord Pickout Download handles

Limitations of Chord Pickout

21 days trial, transcription limited to the first minute