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The gross-net calculator download calculate the net salary to be expected on the basis of actual earnings. The free salary calculator calculates exactly euros and cents, on the amount by which tax and social security shrinks the net salary.

Gross-net calculator download as useful content calculator for employees, civil servants & self-employed

For meaningful calculations of gross-net calculator requires only a few details to income and personal situation. In addition to information on the monthly or annual gross salary, the tool information such as marital status, allowances, insurance type and church membership queries. Using data from the gross-net calculator calculates the tax burden on the gross salary and thus determines the net income.

Gross-net calculator downloadGross-net calculator download

Free gross-net calculator for workers

Practical: The freeware calculates optional which gross salary would have to be achieved in order to achieve a desired net salary. Simply specify the desired net amount and the button "net" choose. With free gross-net calculator workers receive a handy tool for financial and content issues. The freeware does a good job, for example, in advance of salary negotiations or job interviews.