JW Player

The JW Player Download brings one of the most popular free audio and video player to embed into their own website. The player is understood to playback of playlists, audio and video current formats, supported YouTube clips in HD and plays videos via Flash or HTML5 on desktop PCs, tablets and mobiles from. Thanks skinnable interface, it fits nicely into your own web page design. Via Plugin the player is ready the way for the popular WordPress.

JW Player download and installation

Whoever the player would rather put yourself on your own Web server instead of the manufacturer hosted variant reaches for JW Player Download. Is very slim, given the considerable functionality and contains a small SWF file next two JavaScript files - there remains plenty of room for music and videos on your own web server. The downloaded files can now load up on your own server and link it in the code. Anyone who has no idea how to include a video player in web sites, find helpful information in the included readme. Although the are in English, but do not worry - it's easier than you think.

JW Player - supported standards

The JW Player Download supports common standards both in terms of reproduction, as well as in terms of supported media types. The browser JS player plays either via Flash or HTML5, which is contemporary and allows playback on all popular devices of Android over iPhone / iPad to Mac and Windows.

JW Player - Supported Media Types

can play JW Player stored on the server or off-site Video files in the formats MP4 (H.264), M4V, F4V, WebM (VP8) and FLV (VP6) and YouTube clips. The quality level is freely selectable and ranges on request up to HD. Audio files He supported in AAC, M4A, F4A, MP3, OGG and UCI. Supported streaming protocols are Adobe RTMP and Apple HLS. In addition to individual audio or video files can also bind a desired playlists. How this works is also described in the documentation.

JW Player Skins - Customize with different designs

In addition to the JW Player download can be found in the download area a Skinpaket with free designs for Web Media Player. Included are the Skins Five and Six, on the manufacturer's website and on other websites also found more JW Player skins. The integration will also be explained in the documentation.

JW Player Download

JW Player: Audio and Video in high quality

The handling of the JW player already requires a little training, but the effort has its limits and is to master even for beginners well. The supported formats are contemporary, as well as support for playback on different platforms. Bottom Line: Empfehlenswerter free video player download for my website.

Limitations of JW Player

For private use free Some settings are only available in the paid version.