Ashampoo StartUp Tuner

Ashampoo StartUp Tuner gives users back in control of entries in the Windows Startup. The freeware for example, prohibits the start of unwanted software directly when booting the computer. In this way Ashampoo StartUp Tuner accelerates the one hand, the computer is started and provides on the other hand that the memory is not clogged directly with remains useless and therefore completion programs. A similar function has the assistant for Windows services. Not only that, they managed in the same program window and plugins of the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. A mouse click, the user turning off unnecessary extensions, thus ensuring the smoother function. Conveniently, Ashampoo StartUp Tuner sets to each of its meetings to a backup. If anything goes wrong while cleaning up the system made a mistake, we find the older versions easily restored.

Limitations of Ashampoo StartUp Tuner

Requires ten days to register with the manufacturer.