YouTV app

With the YouTV app legal and totally free broadcasts of Germany's biggest TV channels can be streamed. And up to 24 hours after the actual broadcast. 45 German stations and their programs can be called up and played.

Online mobile TV thanks to the YouTV app

After downloading the app YouTV users can view the broadcasts of nearly 50 German TV channels on your smartphone or tablet absolutely free. With the paid add-on options to the capabilities of a download function and a cloud solution can be viewed thanks to the title up to 350 days after the actual broadcast date extended.

YouTV appFree online TV with the YouTV app

The cost the add-on options and they offer:

Those who want to enjoy shows and movies and offline, have to resort to a subscription. The cost of such vary depending on the booked package.

  • YouTV Free (free): 24 hours of broadcast date of access to broadcasts
  • Basic YouTV For 5.99 EUR monthly: access to program up to three days after the actual broadcast date and a download option.
  • YouTV Pro from 7.99 euros per month: Programs can be streamed seven days after broadcast date. In addition, individual tracks can be both downloaded as are stored in the repository 350 days long.
  • YouTV Family For 14.99 euros per month: YouTV Pro for a total of five family members or friends.

All options are terminated monthly. However YouTV Pro can be purchased as low only in Zwöf-month package. If you want to unsubscribe monthly costs EUR 9.99 per month, for six months 8.99 euros per month. Payable the versions are available with bank transfer, credit card or PayPal. to acquire a package via in-app purchase option unfortunately missing still.

Functional TV app with confusing surface

Actually, the developer of the app YouTV have done everything right. Users can use free the tool and have access to over 10,000 titles daily. The subscription offer useful additional functions at a fair price. The only drawback of the app is the user interface. is found to the right or desired title, you have to click through numerous options. On the website of the provider selection works much more smoothly. Nevertheless, the app is a must-have for all lovers of German television entertainment. No other tool provides so much choice and the totally free and totally legal.