CyanogenMod advantages: What really brings a root?

CyanogenMod advantages: What really brings a root?

There are many CyanogenMod benefits, but for whom the Android alternative really worth? How did the most important facts about the root and information on how the installation functions without problems!

Who is looking for an Android Root, should look at the CyanogenMod download a closer. With a lot of new possibilities, the alternative operating system one of the most widely used on smartphones and tablets. The download link leads directly to the manufacturer’s website, where can be called the best versions on the left side for all mobile models. But why would you do that? Here the answers are:

CyanogenMod benefitsAll CyanogenMod benefits at a glance!

Top ten CyanogenMod benefits at a glance

The main reasons why users access to a root, are probably these:

  1. improved speed: Under CyanogenMod applications launch faster and run more secure.
  2. higher reliability: There will be significantly fewer crashes the operating system.
  3. Sleeker operating system: CyanogenMod is significantly smaller and more efficient than Android.
  4. More options for individualizationWith numerous themes and Möglchkeiten, customize the interface of the mobile device is a root of the dream of all individuals.
  5. Other formatsWhile Android strike during playback, the alternative operating system can easily variety of audio and video formats (eg FLAC) handle.
  6. An OpenVPN client: Allows safe and anonymous surfing on the Internet.
  7. An extended Reboot menu: This can be selected from a variety of options for shutting down and restarting the device.
  8. Customizable access rights: Although Android has upgraded this feature, even older models can protect access to individual apps thanks to the CyanogenMod.
  9. Gesture control for lock screen: Even when the display device recognizes certain commands through gestures.
  10. A system-wide equalizer: Who does not want to adjust individual sound schemes for each player, with the CyanogenMod on the safe side.

The disadvantages of the tools

Like everything in life, every coin has two sides. So there is not only CyanogenMod benefits, but also a number of disadvantages (although these are quite manageable yet):

  • Manufacturers offer any warranty or guarantee for rooted devices.
  • Some Google Apps have to be retrofitted.
  • Are certain tools (such as the Google Play) is not upgraded, it can result in error messages when third-party applications.

Who should resort to CyanogenMod

  1. Especially for Users of older mobile devices the root is certainly interesting. Because if the updates can wait for the Android device or even all set the original functionality of the smartphone or tablet is shrinking significantly. CyanogenMod is an advantage that a new operating system can be installed with the Android alternative even on old devices work with the apps that require a current system.
  2. Privacy Concerned users should also play with the idea to install CyanogenMod on your mobile device. Google – so that Android – are well known, data leeches and a root to set the collecting mania clearly an end.
  3. The advanced settings are especially individualists the point. In principle, you can customize every little thing for the root of his ideas and optimize.

And so the installation works: