PhotoPad Photo Editor

At the PhotoPad Photo Editor Download says the program name for itself. The freeware has a number of common tools for optimizing digital images and an integrated uploader for Facebook and Flickr on the computer.

PhotoPad Photo Editor Download as clever image editor

Basically, the function range of PhotoPad Photo Editor reads less spectacular: turning, rotating and mirroring dominates the image editor as well as adjusting the parameters for brightness, contrast or color saturation and tint to. Also, effects such as converting colored in gray scale images and the recoloring in ancient acting sepia images brings the virtual photo studio with the computer.

PhotoPad Photo Editor Download

Minutes of the processing steps

however proves to be smart, known from professional programs such as Adobe Photoshop log of processing steps. Here, you do individual actions reversed without affecting other operations thereby. PhotoPad Photo Editor is rounded off with a special tool that unsightly red eyes away from the images.