0 A.D.

0 A.D.

The origins of the real-time Stategie 0 A.D. lying in a mod for Age of Empires Online II. Accordingly, everything revolves in the Free Game to build neat to strike fear into an efficient weapon production with the aim of his opponents.

0 A.D. Download: entertaining real-time strategy

Until it gets that far, but has a lot to do at work, you start but his conquest of a small village, and with only a few armed men at his side. For what nation they come, one chooses at the beginning of 0 A.D. Whether one plunges into the fray as a Carthaginian, Celt, Hellene, Iberians, Romans or Persians, ultimately is left to their own taste. Other tasks include the collection of raw materials, training an army and researching technologies. However, it is common in this genre, that every people either withdraw its advantages and disadvantages. Also 0 A.D. is no exception. It is striking, however, that great importance was attached to historical accuracy here. Magically gifted troops is examined according vain, for the game, as far as possible trying to keep by real events of antiquity – this also includes the geography of cards with one. The game includes a map editor called Atlas.

0 A.D. download

The fact that 0 A.D. currently still in a very early stage of development, is noticeable mainly because not all the game options are also attainable. Nevertheless already be complete already complete single and multiplayer games. Graphic and playful, the Free Game leaves already a pretty good impression – retest certainly recommended.