Quantico Stream: Where is the FBI Thriller online?

Of the Quantico stream thrilled when FBI thriller currently the Friends exciting TV series. We show whether Quantico can be streamed on Netflix via the Netflix app on Amazon Prime or max cathedrals and when the Quantico Season 2 appears. learn more here!

Quantico Stream: An FBI agent suspected

In the US thriller series Quantico, the FBI agent Alex Parrish is (Priyanka Chopra) in the center. She survives at Grand Central Terminal in New York a terrible terrorist attack, but is suspected of being Drahtzieherin after available to the FBI information that the attack by a former recruits from the FBI Academy, Quantico has been committed and bomb building instructions and weapons found in her apartment. She flees and goes into hiding in order to prove their innocence. On hand to help her stand on the search for the culprits some former recruits from Quantico, training camp where Alex Parrish was designed to agent.

Quantico streamQuantico Stream: FBI agent as Drahtzieherin a terrorist attack? suspected. Source: ABC.com

Your old NAT classmates believe gradually in her innocence. Finally, it turns out that the former NAT analyst Elias Harper is responsible for the attack. This, however, was apparently forced and commits suicide. Alex still thinks that there must be a second terrorists and it is able finally to prove it. She finds out that her friends from Quantico are involved either in danger or in the action. For the finale of Season 1 Quantico, the agent Alex receives an offer by the CIA to work for that organization.

Quantico Season 1 with 22 episodes

In May 2015, the US channel ABC Quantico Season 1 was thirteen episodes in order, which was extended at the end of the year to a total of 22 episodes. In March 2016, the TV series has been extended by the Quantico Season 2nd Josh Hopkins and Tate Ellington left the series at the end of Season 1. For Quantico came with Russell Tovey, Blair Underwood and Pearl Thusi new lead actor added.

Quantico Season 2 September 2016 ABC

For the first time Quantico Season 1 aired on September 27, 2015, the US television network ABC. The Quantico Season 2 runs there from 25 September 2016. The broadcast rights in Germany received ProSiebenSat.1 Media. Since 27 July 2016, the Quantico is seen Season 1 on free-TV channel ProSieben. A little earlier off the Swiss, where spectators could see the Quantico Season 1 as early as the April 20, 2016 were. Industry insiders believe that the Quantico Season 2 runs in the German pay-TV in the spring 2017th Dates for the Quantico Season 2 in German Free-TV have not yet been announced.

Is there Quantico Stream Netflix?

Who wants to look at Quantico online, uses the Quantico stream that is available from Amazon Video, max cathedrals, Videoload and iTunes. Many fans of the thriller series wonder if Quantico is available through Netflix. Unfortunately, this is no more the case, as with Amazon Prime. After all, some of Epiosden Quantico Season 1 on max cathedrals film flat rate can be considered. There is also the Quantico Stream all previously overflowed episodes of Season 1 Quantico still in the ProSieben Media Library.