Of the JSkat download brings the popular card game Skat to your own PC. In this Skatvariante not only the card but also the players are exchanged for the computer. If necessary, it can also be gambled online against human players. In addition to the official rules and pubs rules can be activated, for example, allow junk.

JSkat Download - the replacement for real players

The card game Skat was introduced in 1813 as the successor of sheepshead in the German town of Altenburg. Since then, the game enjoys great popularity in Germany, ergo it has held with a variety of free software downloads Skat also feed in the digital life. So if the desire for a round of Skat large circle of friends but prevents the JSkat is download the game.

The cards can remain in the closet, the gamer humor comes to the PC. Since the game was implemented in the Java programming language, the download runs on all operating systems, provided the Java Runtime Environment is running. Say, JSkat can also be downloaded Linux and Windows both Mac OS as well.

JSkat downloadJSkat Download: The classic card game for the PC (Picture: Jan Schäfer)

play in JSkat according to official rules or pubs

In the event that the die-Skatfreunde times do not have time for cards Kloppen this Skat version is a great substitute. Visually appealing the game in his rather dreary browns and grays is not, but at least you find your way immediately. In addition, the user can practice silently using the JSkat downloads - without losing money. For this, the program comes with two modes of play. Firstly, the gamers can play according to the official rules of the International Skat. but he also has the ability to opt for the popular unofficial pubs variant.

Slide junk on board

among other things slide junk or contraindications are possible in this mode. In addition, gamers can choose according to your mood, whether he face the computer or want to gamble against other real players. In the multiplayer mode, the game of Skat connects to the International Skat Server (ISS).

JSkat Download ISSMultiplayer mode with a connection to the International Skat Server ISS (Image: Jan Schäfer)

German newspaper, queen leaf and four-color sheet

After the player has opted for a single or multiplayer mode, a new Skat table is created and selected the Skatblatt before each game. The player can choose between the following known Skatblatt variants: German newspaper, queen leaf and four-color sheet. In addition, Grand, color and zero games can to complete the game, are carried out. If a player times Leave no stimulus deal, the game is fit. Losses and gains are listed by the Skat program after each batch.