Hay Day for Android

There are many situations where you look - to put it positively - must be patient, be it in the queue at the supermarket, on the bus and train station or in the waiting room at the doctor's visit. And there are Android smartphones. Small computer small computer games. One of these Hay Day Android - the ideal mobile game for all nature lovers who want to shorten the time in the waiting room.

Hay Day Android

Crop plants with Hay Day Android

Like many other farmers and simulator games for free download Hay Day is controlled for Android mainly using the touch screen and is very easy and intuitive. Basically it comes to re-enact typical farmer working on the smartphone and grow it. The players can, for example, by the neighborly trade in crops and other fresh produce. For orders that are fulfilled by truck, steamboat or street sales, you can earn points. With Hay Day App, players can finally build their own city and received other visitors.

Hay Day Android dealer

clear land and animals to raise on its own farm

The handling for Hay Day Android is very simple. So let propagate around with a touch screen wiper and harvest crops. In addition, you can decorate your own farm to your heart and invite friends to evaluate them. cut down the country had also never been so little sweaty as the Hay Day App. Further, various farm animals can be cherished - and then, depending on the course are also made into delicious delicacies and eaten.

produce honey even with Hay Day

In the latest Hay Day version bees are. Players can place the hive on their farm and hoarding up to twelve animals. In this way the bees can gather nectar and the farmer eventually the honeycomb. A honey extraction machine and more also are available.

Hay Day Android Animals

Download Free Games App

Hay Day Android is free. but some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want, should set up a password protection for purchases in the settings of the Google Play Store app to safety. The free game play on your Android phone then nothing stands in the way.

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