How to proceed when the Forgot your password ICQ Has? Now make smart and give back access to Schnatter service with just a few clicks! We know this: The list of usernames and passwords is very long. After all, almost everything can now do from your computer or smart phone and for safety preach privacy advocates and other experts again and again: passwords periodically change, never one and the same password for all online accounts. Since you can quickly lose track, even when instant messaging program ICQ, which has evolved since its inception in the nineties for multi-instance service, say, users can parallel on all their devices after the free ICQ download with access installed ICQ - provided, of course, the password is known. If you have forgotten your ICQ password, you can request a new one with a few clicks. And this is how it works!

Forgot your ICQ password - we will request a new one!

  • Those who use the official ICQ client needs to do very little for the new password. The user or a major user simply clicks when logging on the "Forgot Password".
  • Subsequently, the Internet browser will open and you will be redirected to the official ICQ page where you can request a new password.
  • Although ICQ officially allowed no alternative clients can easily request a new password, even under these circumstances. To this end, calls the ICQ page to request a new password directly.

Input fields on ICQ page to request a new password

To request a new password for ICQ, requires either

  • the E-mail address, with which one has logged on to ICQ
  • or phone number (If stored)
  • or ICQ numberE-mail address, phone number or ICQ number one carries in the first input field (1). Underneath is the CAPTCHA box. Here you can easily bear the numbers from the picture next to it (2). Then you can on the yellow button labeled "Next" button (3) and the password is re-sent either by e-mail or text message, and you can log in again. Forgot your password ICQ" class ="pull left The ICQ number is a unique number sequence, which gives the company every user at registration, hence the name ICQ UIN, so Unique Identification Number to German: Unique identification number. The number sequence of the ICQ UINs starts at 10,000 and increases continuously. Meanwhile, the ICQ UIN is associated with the registered ICQ primary e-mail address and the primary e-mail address in turn with the stored previous e-mail addresses. The so-called ICQ Password Retrieval System is designed to protect the user, such as in the event that the password as well as the primary e-mail address has been changed to a hacker attack. Using the previous e-mail addresses can recover in this way the ICQ UIN again. If you have forgotten your password and ICQ are on the website to request a new password an ICQ number, the password will also be sent to the e-mail address.