Who sometimes wonder how it must feel as a bus driver in tight corners or narrow streets, gets a first taste here. The Bus Simulator 2016 App User sets to the control of buses that must be passed through different levels and routes.

Bus Simulator 2016 app for prospective bus drivers

Every driver knows a small car is quickly steered through narrow streets and sharp turns and can be easily maneuvered into mini-parking spaces. In a bus, however, the case is quite different. But how does it feel to actually lead a 15 meters or even 25 meters long vehicle on roads? In the simulator app to get a first impression. So if you have dreamed as a child of becoming a bus driver can not implement his wish into reality, but at least live in the virtual world - with the Bus Simulator 2016 Android.

Bus Simulator 2016 AppBus driver dreams live with the Bus Simulator 2016 App

The app is available here as an APK for Android devices for free download. What is needed is a device with minimum Android version 2.3. In the game advertising is displayed, which is really uncomfortable sometimes.

Different levels and buses in the Bus Simulator 2016 Android

The simulator app provides the user with various conditions available, so that creates boredom while driving a bus. For one, there are several vehicles that can switch between them. For variety, also provide multiple levels and routes. So, the player controls his bus through different landscapes. While moving at a route in a barren desert landscape on sandy paths, one controls the next moment his bus through switchbacks through the mountains. Usually in the bus simulation app in 2016 but are highways for trips to choose from. Had the developers installed situations where the bus is, for example, would have to maneuver through the crowded city traffic, that would have been a refreshing change.

Bus Simulator 2016 App WeatherDifferent weather conditions during bus travel

Display of bus simulation in 3D

The graphics of the app comes in 3D. Well done are the different weather conditions. For example, the gamer has to his bus sometimes by pouring rain, cause blistering heat or a blizzard sure about the streets. Every now and then even other buses on the roads and come out even shot behind a curve. However, other road users are missing. If you look closer, the graphics frequently is also rather vaguely been without attention to detail, implemented.