Google Chrome change the language – a guide

The Change Google Chrome language is possible with a few clicks, but the settings are somewhat hidden. surf now in the correct language!

The browser on the Google Chrome download is now one of the most popular browsers worldwide. Chrome users can not only navigate rapidly through the network, but can also be fitted with any number of extensions. To use the popular browser in his native language, can change the language for Google Chrome.

In Google Chrome change the language

The Chrome browser can be used in over a hundred different languages ​​now. Among the languages ​​are of course used languages ​​such as English, German and French, but the browser dominated by request in Icelandic, Tamil or Zulu. How exactly can change the language in Google Chrome, explains this tutorial.

Change Google Chrome language

use Google Chrome right

To install Chrome on a Windows, Mac or Linux computer, some system requirements. Windows users need Windows XP SP2 or later, Mac users OS X 10.6 or higher and Linux users Fedora 17, Open SuSE 12.2 or Debian 7. All operating systems also require an Intel 4 processor with 350 MB free space on the hard drive and 512 RAM.

So the language settings for Google Chrome to be changed

If you install Google Chrome for the first time, is usually asked which language you want the software installed. This choice can be changed at any time again in retrospect, however.

First, the Chrome menu must be opened. Now the option is clicked Settings, then selected in the Advanced settings of the dot languages. browser language should now be changed.

Change Google Chrome language navigation

If the Windows version of Chrome is used, the Language and input settings must be opened first. The Language dialog box will appear. Now you can change the Google Chrome language through the appropriate selection.

Any language, however, does not occur in the default list; then you must click Add. Once the language has been installed, you can view selected in the browser Chrome in this language.

Google Chrome Add Change Language

Change Mac users the language simply by setting language and text. In Linux, the system language support must be verified.