Photo Frame Studio

Of the Photo Frame Studio Download adorns digital images with impressive frame. The specialist for picture frames bring a number of pre-defined borders of different styles with already.

Photo Frame Studio Download with clipart, drawing and painting tools

but users can also run wild and create your own frame according to the personal taste of creativity. For this purpose, Frame Studio, extensive options and helpers as clipart, drawing and painting tools available in Photoshop. In addition, the studio also provides functions for editing images: color corrections are possible here as zoom or cropping of the photos on the desired final format.

The finished images are brought conclusively either in the domestic desktop printer on paper or stores it in high-resolution formats for sending to professional photo studios from. To optimize for a publication via the Internet reduces Photo Frame Studio the file size to an acceptable level.

Photo Frame Studio Download

Limitations of Photo Frame Studio

Watermark in the processed images.