Roster in Excel for surgeries 2023

Roster in Excel for surgeries

At the Roster in Excel for surgeries Download, short DPE / P, is a Microsoft Excel based service planner for practices. 80 jobs can be assigned to employees and staff.

Roster in Excel planned for surgeries download for up to 100 employees

The number of employees is limited to 100 people. The planning period includes a working week (including Saturday and Sunday) in a half-hour grid. The program calculates the weekly working time and compares it with the weekly planned working. Changes in color to draw attention to a deviation from the actual and target status.

In addition to the planning window individual employee plans can be output to the default printer. A complete overview of all jobs provides a quick overview of which employees will be at which work to find. One possible qualification test is to draw conclusions about whether a work was occupied correctly. No installation of software is required. Only the activation of macros must be guaranteed.

Roster in Excel for surgeries Download

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