With the ARCHITEXT Pallas Download create professionals in the construction industry both tender and contract specifications. AVA helper presents a modular design and can be thanks to this way of working flexibly to your own needs.

write out construction and calculate the ARCHITEXT Pallas Download

The assembly of the planned work proceeds in an Excel-like surface. Here one enters the relevant information on quantities and units as well as a descriptive text. The respective totals ARCHITEXT Pallas automatically. Further checks and compares to incoming offers with just a few clicks.

Moreover ARCHITEXT Pallas provides an interface to import externally of delivered GAEB data. Provided sample data for various tenders incorporating easier to get messy held demo. ARCHITEXT Pallas requires the Microsoft .NET Framework download.

ARCHITEXT Pallas Download

Limitations of ARCHITEXT Pallas

The functions for printing and exporting of data is limited.