In FIFA Manager 12, the footballing truth lies not only on the court. The management simulation features over the last edition of the Saision a strong revamped 3D mode, a revamped team training as well as a deeper squad analysis. In addition to the coaches responsibility of the players as usual also works as a commercial manager in the construction of his favorite team. In the full version of FIFA Manager 12 eleven leagues are included completely. In addition to the first three professional leagues in Germany the first division from Austria, Switzerland, England, France, Italy, Netherlands, Protugal and Spain are each to choose from. More than 37,000 individual players including original image and performance index are included. Next up, tactics and training of the team responsible for player transfers, the stadium expansion and fiscal policies of their own clubs you take in FIFA Manager 12th Especially the 3D mode while playing games, detailed training sessions and the financial sector have been greatly expanded. New: player interviews, for example, promote team morale, while thousands of new statistical data included in the complex sports simulation and influence the sporting success. FIFA Manager 12 also brings back with an online mode for games against other would-be coach. In addition, the football simulation provides a chargeable "Live Season Mode"Will be covered in the schedule and squad changes authentic from reality into the game. FIFA Manager 12 takes up a lot of players required ideas and improvements in the parade simulation for soccer coach.

Limitations of FIFA Manager 12

In FIFA Manager 12 demo, players take on the coach responsible for a nearly 100 professional clubs from Germany, England, France, Spain, Austria or Switzerland for half a season. The online mode is not activated.