Arbeitszeugnis generator

With the Arbeitszeugnis generator download can produce qualified staff reviews. For this, the freeware has text modules on board, which are based on the current codes.

A professional letter of reference is the figurehead

The job reference is in the professional world, a common means to indicate the quality of an employee. Since the employer is legally obliged to issue a true testimony of employees who left the company - but must not place obstacles in the way it - there are special language codes. Who these formulations and key phrases not controlled, could assume a very good rating behind a "satisfactory" witness at first glance. but future employers and experts know immediately what qualities stand behind what phrase. Thus creating the work certificate is successful, the job reference generator has download the right functions on board.

Arbeitszeugnis generator download

Arbeitszeugnis generator Download: Letter to modular design

The application begins exactly where the writing of a certificate is tricky - at the correct formulations. These are called text modules predetermined and can be selected accordingly. In the first step after the job reference generator download users first enter all the necessary data about the company and personal facts about employees and so on. In the main part of the generator 12 areas find text modules that stand out Rating by school grades differ. This means that the generator are in each case 6 formulations between "very good" and "unsatisfactory" before. The user can select from the right phrase is now very simple. Among the components, areas found to the technical assessment, as well as soft skills. In the end, the employer can also choose, for any reason the employee leaves the company. Side note: For the creation of the work certificate, it is not necessary to use any of these fields or text blocks.

Arbeitszeugnis generator download modules

Easy export of the labor certificate

When all desired text blocks are processed, the document can easily be used at will. The user has the option to cache the testimony to a clipboard or directly into a word document to open. The Word document can now continue without restriction until you reach the perfect finishing touch. Then just save and print - ready.