DynDNS Updater

DynDNS Updater automatically update the address for the service DynDNS. The freeware shares a fixed URL to dynamic IP addresses. The program starts itself as a service with Windows, so that the operation can not be disturbed. An address DynDNS is ideal for running your own server. DSL connections are achieved by using static address xxx.dyndns.com even if the original IP has changed. The user only needs to enter his credentials and the DynDNS Updater handles the update. With the DynDNS Updater manual update of the IP address belongs to the past. You have to configure, from then he accepts the update of the new IP address the updater only once. Simple can not come to a static URL you. Flexible in dealing with domains with any providers and also in German, incidentally presented DynDNS service. This equally free client, we also offer for download.