Test Tone Generator

Test Tone Generator

On Test Tone Generator Download converts the computer into a suitable sound generator for demonstration, testing or teaching purposes. The program is good for sound tuning stereo or car plants and even by beginners in electronics quite easy to use.

The download of test tone generator produces test tones

For certain applications, such as for sound tuning, the user needs a reference tone, which he easily conjures with a download of test tone generator. This reference tone has a certain height and with its help, exponential or linear, that is static or sweep signals based on square, white noise, pink noise, sine, sawtooth or triangle can be generated.

Test Tone generator is variably used

The download of test tone generator has practically been found in changing the reference pitch, because: Per mouse or keyboard, the user changes the reference tone in semitone steps. Also, users can control the tool with their own scripts or macros. For this, the provided script editor is simply used or any desired (already pre-installed) Editor on the computer. With the present trial version allows users to 30 days generate reference tones, but it is only supported a sound card, even if the user has more than one. What features provide other electronics software for free download, can be compared here.

look & Feel the electronics Software

Even to the untrained eye, the interface of test tone generator is very clear. The user can use two channels simultaneously and set it different or the same. He still chooses the wave function. In the lower right area includes the import, export and pause button that could be perhaps a little more present. A green ball next to these Power-on signals the activity of the tools. When this point is red, the program is inactive.

Test Tone Generator Download

However, to produce with this tool more than just reference tones, the user should already have quite a bit of technical knowledge. Without a sound determination of stereos will not work namely unfortunately. but beginners can also easily get help from friends and acquaintances. In addition, the program comes with a small entrance aid to the computer, so that inexperienced can get more information about the use of the tool there. The electronics software for inventors The download of test tone generator is thus not necessarily suitable for everyone. But all hobbyists and tinkerers should rejoice over this sleek tool on your computer, as they can explore all sorts with him like that. With this program, users can easy to carry sound provisions and they have not even shell out so much money for it. Nevertheless, we repeat that this tool is worth only for a select audience.

Limitations of Test Tone Generator

The limitations of the trial version are: &# 45; 30 day trial period &# 45; Only a sound card supports &# 45; No Script control (macros) &# 45; No storage of sweep settings