ALDI TALK service: Click here for the customer hotline

ALDI TALK service: Click here for the customer hotline

Of the ALDI TALK Service helps users in all matters relating to tariff options, cash or SIM. The service is available on both the sides of ALDI TALK and via hotline. learn more here!

however, one would like to manage their account without personal service, helping the free ALDI TALK app download. The tool is tariff options can be adapted to query the current balance or charging and adjust personal settings.

Contact the ALDI TALK Service

The service can be either via the Free Account Hotline on 1155 to reach. However, the number is only accessible by mobile phone and the corresponding ALDI TALK SIM card. From all other networks ALDI TALK service can under number 0177-177 1157 be called, but here are incurred call charges, which vary by provider.

Alternatively, users can also access the the wireless service provider website customize their options, or find answers to common questions.

As a third variant is to be contacted via E-mail, it must at the address [email protected] be judged.

ALDI TALK ServiceImage: ALDI TALK Service

The ALDI TALK customer hotline

Those looking for quick and easy answer to his question, best advised to phone: The ALDI TALK service is available Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 23:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 10:00 am to 18:00 attainable. In personal conversation, customers can find out about their credit, charge it off or tariff options and zubuchen. also information about the telephone support can be ask about how long the credit is still available, or the last call lasted. If problems occur, you find the fastest possible help.

Help on the ALDI TALK website

Most information can already collect on the general site users. In contrast, the Site My ALDI TALK also offers the option to manage your own account. For this she has to register with the phone number and password required. Following queried or online the credit charged overviews can be viewed for credit use and telephone behavior, adapted to the collective or personal information (such as the address after a move) are updated.

ALDI TALK Service WebsiteImage: My ALDI TALK

Contact for special requests the service via e-mail

In more fundamental problems or if neither hotline, nor app could still help site, users of the phone tariff will have the opportunity to contact their providers via email. This also has the advantage that request such response is made in writing the advantage. Especially in case of disagreement about false booked credit or debited fees written form for the customer is always the safer option.