Autodesk MeshMixer

Of the Autodesk MeshMixer Download suitable for creating and revising three-dimensional models on a computer monitor. Our own work can be done also from reality on a 3D printer.

Autodesk MeshMixer download for the design of 3D models

However, Autodesk MeshMixer is MakerBot only for Printer from the house. Since the 3D graphic but also has a lot to offer on the screen, this shortcoming is probably to get over. Specifically, a modeling function that helps make 3D models according to the manufacturer refine, as if they consisted of real potter's clay provides the user, for example. In addition, Autodesk MeshMixer gives means of different brushes the three-dimensional graphics both color and structure.

At a special tip, the 3D tool by its mesh capabilities that make two different components an entirely new composition and so let the most imaginative structures created. In the download section in addition to the program setup and two documentaries and a link to an online gallery, can be downloaded from the from already finished models on the computer finds the way.