Users who work on computers a lot, know there are processes that are constantly repeated. For a more economical future work provides the free macro download. The tool processes the mouse and keyboard are automated.

Macro download for automating tasks

There are certain processes and activities on the PC that uses each user several times daily. Practically, it would be able to shorten these tasks and automate in order to save time for more important things. Users who want exactly? Check out the free download macro detail. Unlike many other programming software it does not take a trained ITler for this tool. Although the creation of macros for recurring processes is programming a type, but you can get that too without any knowledge of Java, C ++, etc. out. The macro editor is combined sequences of instructions for certain keyboard events and mouse clicks and movements-can make.

Macro download

requirements & Setting up the programming software

The freeware is suitable only for Windows computers and comes in German on the PC. Runs smoothly on the operating systems Windows 98, XP, Vista and 7 and Windows 200, ME and NT. First, the free macro must be downloaded. The file is present in a ZIP folder with a size of 3.7 MB and can be unpacked into any directory. Tip: To save space, can, for example, simply are moved to the SysTray. Then the Makro.exe contained therein must be performed. From that moment on, the user has a number of keyboard shortcuts.

set up macros and customize any

This program is both macro editor and recorder. Users can record macros, which are then played back through the tool in a few steps. It is possible, to capture events of keyboard and mouse movements and mouse clicks. The assignment of the combined sequence of declarations may also be carried out only in special program windows or can be applied to all programs. Furthermore, the tool useful extras on board. Among other things, can be Open files automatically and run certain programs. but it is also possible to output beeps.

Macro Download additional functions

The programming software is already doing a few keyboard combinations at the factory. The user can still create as many own combined sequences of instructions from the ground up. This can then also edit as needed.

Shortcuts in the programming software included

the download was performed by macro and run the .exe file, the user can also draw on existing shortcuts in establishing its automated processes. The combination of code Shift + Ctrl + Alt H with, for example, the program displays help, which is also a summarized sequence of declarations moreover itself and hence can be overwritten. If the code combined with F10, the calendar is revealed; F11 at the macro and Ini-editing window. The compound of Shift + Ctrl + Alt with Num Lock on the other hand provides for a switching of the number keys on the numerical keyboard assignment between the comma and period. The possibilities are, as can be seen, almost limitless in order to optimize its own operations.

Download macro editing

Small programming for big impact Who is a little work and time into creating macros, in the long term save labor and time. The little programming tool helps. Even halfway savvy users without IT studies could approach to the program and will achieve labor-saving results quickly.