At the Slideshow Producer Download the program name speaks largely for itself. Without large optical frills, the freeware digital images to individual stuff together that can be accompany musically.

Slideshow Producer download for slideshows and presentations

Despite its rather inconspicuous surface of the slide show producer has much to offer. So to set the dwell time of each image separately on request and selects a fairly extensive range of transition effects. These too can be set individually for each subject, which ensures a varied slideshows. Smart: If you want to add subtitles, displayed with slideshow Producer an example, the EXIF ​​information of the photos. Alternatively, the user types in his own written notes.

In terms of music, the virtual slide two separate tracks at leisure. So to add his stuff such as the track 1 matching songs added, while track is reserved 2 voiceover or sound effects. Finished projects exported slideshow producer as an EXE file that can be played using the included player. Alternatively, the freeware outputs the show as a screen saver or creates an HTML gallery to publish on the Internet.

Slideshow Producer Download