Anyone at automatically provide eBay want is the free tool Bid-O-Matic a useful resource to hand the bids gives in his own absence at the desired height. We show you how it works!

eBay will automatically offer made easy

Bid-O-Matic, in short BOM, is its own bid exactly at the desired time off, so ideally, just before the end of the auction on eBay. thus the freeware allows bidding without the user having to sit at the computer itself and act at certain times by hand in eBay auctions. There is no danger of missing the sequence of individual auctions when you can personally just not online, for example, at night, on weekends or other inconvenient times. With the Bid-O-Matic Download

automatically provide eBay

Hide buying interest until just before the auction deadline

The bid is reliably executed automatically shortly before auction end. This has the great advantage that the user hides his interest in buying as long as possible and prevent the price for the coveted bargain screws itself long before the end of the promotion in the air. Too premature bid has the major disadvantage is well known that it is usually above and beyond again.

Any number of eBay auctions can be managed

Bid-O-Matic managed and monitored as many auctions on the sale platform eBay. A good overview information on the status of individual auctions and presented in addition to the auction closing the current highest bid and the remaining auction duration. On request, the freeware is like the time of the computer with the auction server, so that when eBay will automatically offer at the last minute any unpleasant surprises due to different times occur can ..

Enter auctions numbers in Bid-O-Matic

The handling of the auction tool BOM is quite simple. First, the user selects the location of the platform used and enters their user name and deposited with the auction house password. The user will now look on the eBay page to the respective auction numbers that he wants to monitor and enters them manually or via the clipboard in Bid-O-Matic.

Bid-O-Matic offers a year just before the end of the promotion

Now it determines how one's own bids placed many seconds before the end of the auction. The lead time preparing determines how many seconds will start before the end the freeware to bid and the second value Bid decides when the bid is finally sent. A proven combination for eBay will automatically offer the value 15 seconds of lead time and 3 seconds when bidding.

eBay will automatically offer the auction ends

Here's what happens just before the auction ends: BOM logged 15 seconds before the auction ends the user and generates the bid. Five seconds (2 seconds maturity and 3 seconds for the bid) before the end of the auction will be sent the order to the auction house, so where it should arrive 3 seconds before the auction ends. Another tip: If you want all to play it safe, choosing the value offer five instead of three seconds. Again, this should be enough to make the purchase competitors barely time left to beat his own bid.