Of the MP3 recorder for YouTube Download invites music from the Internet down and converts them also equal with configurable quality in several popular audio formats. These is also a browser plugin ready spared the hassle of copying the video links. Via the integrated ID3 tagger can also details of music downloads directly from the program adapts. Practical: At the request of YouTube MP3 Downloadr sucks multiple songs at once.

MP3 recorder for YouTube download and activation

To fully take advantage of the MP3 recorder for YouTube as freeware, after downloading is a free registration on the website of the manufacturer is necessary, otherwise the music sucker can first use it only for 10 days free and will have to do without some features. Registration requires only the indication of a mail address and a name. Then you get an email and after calling the confirmation link contained then the unlock code. To be entered in the program, and away you go. Before the MP3 Downloadr but can fully utilize, is still just install the FFMPEG encoder necessary. Here, unfortunately, is missing a query whether the encoder is already installed on the system, but the additional download does with a few megabytes not too hurt. Who can gladly do without much additional action is here more free downloader for video portals & Co.

YouTube MP3 Download: How it works

Optionally, one or more songs or audio tracks loads of MP3 recorder for YouTube down in one go. To do either surfing with Internet Explorer on YouTube and adds the button Audio record video clips one in the program. Those who are not traveling by IE, simply copy the link of the desired clips and inserts it manually. Here, however, hand hip invest, because with HTTPS links music sucker can not cope. If you remove the S, so that only HTTP is at the beginning of the web address, the download but works smoothly.

MP3 recorder for YouTube Download

The adjustment is taken in the URL dialog before add. Here lay Users also the location for the audio file and determine the audio format. Available to the Music download as MP3, WMA and OGG Vorbis, each in a different selectable levels of quality. The quality of the requested YouTube video file it is defined here, for optimum quality is best to choose high or HD here. Upon request, now even has its own file name can be entered. Of the YouTube MP3 Download now either starts immediately by starting or will start later via the queue added. When all desired sources in the download list, the program downloads all the works after you click the Start one after - the parallel downloading from multiple sources, unfortunately, the MP3 recorder does not support YouTube.

MP3 recorder for YouTube download queue

After Music Download: Listen & Insert ID3 tags

After the download, various other functions are available. If you highlight a song, more buttons are available in the top toolbar. Here is ready ID3 Tagger next to a built-in audio player to listen to the music. There you are in familiar style information YouTube MP3 Download one that will be saved with the audio file and then displayed during playback in MP3 players. Available are following ID3 tags:

  • title
  • interpreter
  • album
  • year
  • genre
  • comment

Insert MP3 recorder for YouTube Download ID3 Tags

Good song downloader of the middle class The MP3 recorder for YouTube download works largely smoothly. The necessary registration with the manufacturer to unlock all functions and the lack of support for HTTPS URLs are, however, a little disturbing. Good, however, are the built-in audio player and ID3 Tagger. In the settings also put users firmly some practical details, such as the standard quality of the source and download or automatically delete the temporary file after successfully downloading and converting. All in all, but very nice Song Downloader is quite better.

Limitations of MP3 recorder for YouTube

Free registration required.