Create WhatsApp group and manage - how it works!

Create WhatsApp group and manage – how it works!

Who a Create WhatsApp group and want to manage, find the right step-by-step instructions in the following guide. We show how a new group is formed, which lurking pitfalls and the possibilities have the admin and the ordinary members!

Create WhatsApp group and use entertaining group chat

A WhatsApp Group offers after WhatsApp for Android Download entertaining ways to exchange with the members of the group messages, voice messages, pictures and movies. Each posted message arrives at all participants in the group. The group chat runs clear and communicative. Thus, for example organizational projects of the members of a small club dates or a circle of friends can clarify fairly straightforward. WhatsApp groups already are suitable for a few people and can have up to 100 members.

Create WhatsApp groupCreate WhatsApp group and manage: we show how to do it! (Picture: WhatsApp / Editorial)

Enter the group name and select group picture

set for WhatsApp group operated the user after the start of WhatsApp the menu button and press the menu that opened at the top entry New Group. Now a group subject is entered, that is the name for the group chat, In addition, a group of image can be picked optional. The group picture and WhatsApp group name can be seen by any member. Therefore, one should carefully consider what information and images are used here. When group subject a little gray number on the right. This shows how many characters you have left for the WhatsApp group name. Overall, names up to 25 characters allowed.

Create WhatsApp Group NameEnter group subject, and grade screen choose (Image: WhatsApp / Editorial)

select up to 100 members of a group

Founder of the group can now add up to 100 members from its WhatsApp contact list of the new group. To this end, the names are selected with the plus sign or entered the contact name. Obviously it is not necessary to enter name by name, but all people can be fairly straightforward Select in the contact list and carry in one fell swoop into the new group. Finally, the private entries are completed by pressing Create and the new WhatsApp Group has seen the light of digital life. In the closed user group can now be around send messages that see each member of the group and may be the same comment.

Create WhatsApp group membersMembers from their own WhatsApp contact list of the new group Add (Image: WhatsApp / Editorial)

The admin has full control over the group

The Group owner has designated as Admin alone full control of the group and who’s coming into a WhatsApp group. He can create the WhatsApp group and add each of its WhatsApp contacts the group without asking him first. Whom the messages are too much, the group can rely on its own. However, he can not defend against the first-time add up.

Each member of a WhatsApp group can change the group image

The persons selected by the Admin in the group will receive a message that they will be re-recorded. In contrast, if a member leaves the group, the group founder gets a relevant notification. If the founder himself aufkündigt the group that a random member is automatically determined as the new Group Admin and continues the group. Each member of the group is able to change the group picture. However, you can invite as ordinary members are no other people. Anyone who has received the message within the group or read, can not be determined. The hook illustrated within the group chats only that a message has arrived at the server.

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