Insert emoticons by clicking in mail – Schmaili

With the Schmaili download enrich user e-mails with numerous animated smileys.

Uncomplicated Insert smileys with the Schmaili Download

Who would like to insert smileys in your emails, this task can with "Insert emoticons by clicking in mail - Schmaili" do fairly comfortable. It is sufficient clicking one of over several hundred cool icons in the selection window which can be opened from the Taskbar. Hey presto - already is the selected Smilie in the e-mail that you write straight. Various other e-mail tools for free download, our versatile software catalog.

Schmaili download

Insert emoticons by clicking in mail - Limitations of Schmaili

In the perpetual free version 210 smileys to choose from. For Outlook Express, Outlook 2000 / XP, Thunderbird, T-Online, etc.