To change a Minecraft skin just part of the fun in Minecraft. Therefore, everyone should know how to do it. Here you can learn how it is done. A skin determines the appearance of a game character or the background of a page. changing a skin and to individualize, therefore, brings more personality of the user in that particular game. The also increases the interaction with the game and the fun factor.

change a Minecraft skin for more fun in Minecraft

For each player of the game Minecraft there at the beginning of a default skin. However, this can be changed. For this purpose, the gambler make use of the templates or even to themselves creatively and cobble together his skin itself. Like the each player makes in detail, it is left to itself. Below there is a detailed guide for all options.

Requirements to change a Minecraft Skin

The only condition for the individual design of Skins a purchased version of Minecraft. Who does not own this game, but it would like to try it, can download a demo version of Minecraft for free.

A small introduction to the skins and a step-by-step guide

The beauty of self-imposed Minecraft skins is that they are also active in the multi-player mode. so you can always be seen by all and admired. Now the gamer must decide if it's new skin Select from a template want (Option 1), if he his Skin prefer creates itself (Option 2) or whether he changing an existing template (Option 3). Option 1: Search in a template Step 1First, the player switches to the manufacturer's website. step 2Here the gamer chooses now "Skin templates" can and choose from many different templates. step 3: After the gambler has selected a skin, he invites him to his server and logs in port on with his login information. step 4: He invites under "Change how to look in Minecraft" up the selected skin. Now the player can switch to his game. There, the selection is in fact built the same and his character now has a new, more personalized look. Option 2: making a skin itself Basically, here the player has two options regarding the design of the figure available: On the one hand he can make his character in 64x32 pixels and on the other he can create in 64x64 pixels. In the first case it is later from four different parts of the body, namely the head, torso, arms and legs and there are the possibility of an overlay, a cover for the head. This can be a funny glasses, a cool beard or just a chic hat. In the second case, the body of the player character from the head, torso and two different arms and legs there. In addition, these body parts can are each decorated with a sheath, allowing players to miss his character and a belt, a skirt or a suit of armor here. Step 1First, the user switches to the manufacturer's website. step 2: There it is then a blank figure available that it can hold at will. Choose from a wide variety of colors and garments. Minecraft skins change 1.1 step 3If the character is completed, the gamer clicks on the download button and save the figure as a PNG image file on his server. step 4: Now the player is on the side of Minecraft and logs in there with his login information. step 5Here he can now go to their profile and "Change how to look in Minecraft" upload this newly created image file. step 6: Following the player only needs to open the game, because the changes are automatically integrated into the game. This new skin can now be seen from any player. 3. possibility change an existing template Step 1First, the player follows the steps 1 and 2 of the way first step 3The player loads the desired template to its server and edit to suit your mood with a graphics program. step 4: Now the gamer goes to the home and logs in there with his login information. step 5: He can now go to their profile and "Change how to look in Minecraft" upload this just self-created image file. Minecraft skin change 2.1 step 6: Last you need the gamer only open the game Minecraft and he may provide a new game character started following video shows one more time step-by-step through the features 1 and 2: