Football Manager 2016

Among the football games this series is one of the best. Now the simulation with the go Football Manager 2016 Download in the next round. New game modes, better control of tactics, an optimized control, dynamic developments and an even more realistic 3D engine waiting for the user.

Football Manager 2016 download again without Germany

it is the world for many fans of manager games, the highlight of the year: the release of the new Football Manager generation. In this country, the situation is different. Since EA Sports has exclusive rights, the game is not sold in Germany - but that does not mean that one does not manage to come to the game, especially since every year and unofficial language files are made available.

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This year, the football manager of SEGA and Sports Interactive will also not only for PC. Besides the versions for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, are subsequently come touch for Tablet and Mobile for smartphones on the market nor the versions. The highlight: User can switch freely in the cloud between the devices and forth by storing the game state.

Features in Football Manager 2016

As usual, the players expect one of the most realistic football management simulations in which he can take control of each squad from over 50 different countries. The user gets full control of tactics, player lineup, instructions during games, talking with the team, etc. And all this comes along in an impressive 3D engine. In the current version of authenticity has been tinkering with the types of injuries in terms of, new game modes such as Create-A-club or Fantasy Draft have been added.

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Individual Manager design

In the Football Manager 2016 Download immerses the player even deeper into the Manager existence and experienced everything even more intense. The character of the manager can now be appointed to the last detail. Whether tempered screamer or more reserved type - the player decides how the directions will look from the Seitlinie. The configurator also allows to determine the exact appearance.

Even finer control instruments

Furthermore, it was significantly reworked the match analysis tool and improved in its operation. The so-called set-piece creator also allows a much finer control, in which various scenarios are created, which can then be quickly deployed when tactics change. It is also gratifying that tactic settings are finally visualized to better respond to it. In addition, new instructions have been added, so you can bring his team to play close to dribble less, etc.

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dynamic rivalries & Employee management

An interesting innovation in the Football Manager 2016 is also the dynamic development of rivalries with other teams in the league of its own or with clubs from other countries. In addition, the user gets tools to manage its employees by the hand. Different teams for coaching, medical care or transfer can be freely act better and also compare with the teams from other clubs.Also new is the more versatile dealing with the press. Managers can give exclusive interviews, press conferences were equipped with contextual issues and social media can be used.