document Manager

Document Manager puts an end to the paper chaos in terms of receipts. Instead of annoying fumble for evidence of tax returns, the freeware is a clear electronic filing system. To this end, evidence Manager collects either already digitally as graphics or PDF file present invoices and receipts or imported papery documents via scanner. processing and multiple documents and their sorting into categories proves to be practical. Here there are a number of predefined slots as work equipment and training, budget or travel expenses. Who does not find a suitable for his purposes under these categories, sets in the document manager simply to new directories. Since the document manager manages multiple users in separate profiles, it is also suitable for use in families or companies. Additional overview achieved proof Manager through user comments. Here you deposited about the reported amount or the date or noted the location of the original securities. In addition, the administrator can associate with the tax savings declaration of the same party, which should facilitate the compilation of tax returns significantly.