The EM Aachen 2015 App provides important information to the international equestrian event of the year, the FEI European Championships 2015 in Aachen. The app is available in two versions for iPhones and Android smartphones.

Information on all horses and riders in the European Championship Aachen 2015 App

Who (August 11 to 23 2015) planned to visit the jumping and dressage European Championships in Aachen's Soers, has with the European Championships Aachen 2015 App excellent companion at hand. The app provides current information on directions and parking and also facilitates the orientation on the show grounds. For variety between the events and competitions games, picture galleries and detailed information provide to the riders and horses.

EM Aachen 2015 App

election of the "Winner of hearts" by the user

A live results service presents all starters and results as well as a prediction game. Horse lover will have the opportunity to choose their own personal favorites for the exams. This is the "Winner of the heart" named. In the dressage competitions known judges evaluate the performance of the participants. Because you can be often divided on these reviews, the audience-Align is interesting. What counts here is the assessment of the spectators, who can be compared with the results of the judges. Visitors to the dressage and vaulting competitions, participants can assess in real-time to create your own audience rankings.

EM 2015 Aachen app Jumping

Live tracking at the European Championships Aachen 2015 Cross-Country Test

Friends of the Eventing Cross-Country Test will enjoy the live tracking and how one's own favorite is about the course. Live sensor data from the trail rides are thereby delivered directly to the smartphones of visitors. In addition, the user can see on a map exactly where the line runs. Images and text information on the individual obstacles. If you visit one of the shops of the 200 exhibitors in 300 tents between the races, can advance information about the user ratings, a five-star system displays the service, the friendliness of the seller and overall presentation. With Karlis Hufeisen players test their skills in the virtual main stadium.

EM Aachen 2015 App Guide

News, medals, picture galleries and videos for horse fans

The Aachen 2015 Guide supplied horse fans with facts and figures on the FEI European Championships, include the number of riders, horses and people in the Soers on site, where you can best park and where what is found. The news inform you who won the most medals and medal table displays up to date, which is the nation forward. Various pictures galleries and videos are available and present impressions of the highlights of the FEI European Championships. Other features of the EM Aachen 2015 app is a database of all rider biographies, as well as the possibility of a mobile ticket booking. Those looking for more Sport Software to free download, find it in our well-stocked software offering.