ABBYY PDF Transformer Plus poaching strong in the area of ​​the top dogs Adobe Acrobat. The shareware bundles tools for reading the PDF to its revision, as well as writing them as such under a program roof. For the latter task, ABBYY PDF Transformer Plus optional uses an attached scanner or already present on the computer files of Word ÜThe PowerPoint and Excel formats to different types of graphs to as a data source. As befits this well-known manufacturers, an integrated OCR module scans papery files into searchable Adobe Reader documents or extracts the text content. Included in the package of ABBYY PDF Transformer Plus is also finds a converter that makes, for example, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or HTML pages from PDFs. Even toward the eBook formats EPUB and Fiction Book in CSV and TXT, as well as OpenOffice texts, PDF documents can be converted. Not only that, they corrected with ABBYY PDF Transformer Plus typos, add written annotations or provides the documents with status messages. Also subsequent insertion of text passages or images is possible. In addition, the Editor is used to add the documents protections and to prevent access by unauthorized persons or printing of PDFs. Finally, ABBYY PDF Transformer Plus adds several files into a single together, affect the order of the pages and optimize the file size of large briefs. Especially for sending by mail, this feature proves to be useful, as well as the complete program package is a helpful tool box PDF for dealing.

Limitations of ABBYY PDF Transformer Plus

30 day trial version, which converts a total of 100 pages.