Of the AL Battery Tool Download holds notebook users on the remaining battery capacity of the mobile computer up to date. The freeware shows the current power usage, calculates the remaining life of the laptop without AC power and reveals details about the installed hardware of the notebook.

AL Battery Tool Download shows information about the energy reserves of notebook batteries

After installation, AL battery tool hooks up in the system tray of Windows. In the main view, the tool about details on the operating state information such as whether the battery depends on the network or is being discharged. In addition, users get more information about the capacity, manufacturer name, state of charge and currently measured voltage values ​​of the mobile energy source. Per tab notebook users access to additional tool to view information about PC hardware and the settings AL battery.

AL Battery Tool Download

Clever tool for mobile PC-workers

In the so-called history freeware reveals how many charge cycles the battery already under his belt has and generates electricity costs of holding notebook. Since the free helper relies on so-called WMI information of the operating system, not all values ​​can be read properly under certain circumstances on some laptops. AL battery tool turns out to be clever tool for mobile PC-workers. The freeware informed clearly and quickly to the state of notebook batteries and tells the user all kinds of useful internals of mobile companion. In the download section, the current auditor is indeed in a portable version.