Fallout Shelter Android

Fallout Shelter Android

Unlike the PC games from the Fallout series, the Mobile App Fallout Shelter Android no RPG, but a classic building game with a lot of attention to detail. A player’s task is to provide the so-called “Vault” to cultivate a kind of underground society, such as the expansion of underground space. The app’s not only for Android devices but as iOS version for the iPhone and iPad.

Fallout Shelter Android: No RPG, but Simulation

With the mobile app Fallout Shelter Android manufacturers Bethesda has ensured Game Studios for the Games exhibition Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 for surprise: The game is available for either the PC or on consoles, but exclusively for mobile devices, and it is – not as expected – not a role-playing game, but a simulation. Just weeks after announcing Fallout Shelter was released for iOS, followed by Android version. Not only platform other’s fallout shelter app differs so from the other titles from the famous Fallout series; the gameplay, the genre is quite different.

Fallout Shelter Android

Gameplay of the simulation game from Bethesda

If it is for the other games from the Fallout series to computer role-playing games, as fallout shelter for Android comes fully therefore as building simulation game. Located the game in so-called “Vaults”, a kind of underground society. Task of gamers is to ensure that the company survives. In order to keep the firm in life, you have to perform various tasks, such as houses, apartments for residents build or expand underground vaults. You can send the inhabitants of the Vaults also from the premises out to the outside.

Simulation game for smartphones and tablets is free

As with many other mobile games are in the fallout shelter app for Android is a freemium game. This means that the download and installation are free. For real money but particularly impatient players can purchase additional features, so-called “lunch boxes” to increase the chances of survival of the occupants. However, the game itself is free.

Fallout Shelter Android vaults

The fallout shelter app is only available for Android devices as well as the iOS version for iPhone and iPad. If and when there will be a version for other mobile operating systems, is still in the stars.

Fallout Shelter Android is remarkable in two respects. One is, this is a simulation that is designed specifically for mobile devices – most other simulations are with free download’s only for the PC; on the other hand, the manufacturer Bethesda Game Studios looks certain extent outside the box and has further written with the fallout shelter app history of the Fallout series as a classic computer RPG. If you like simulations will not be disappointed!

Official launch of the Android version

Official launch of Android: O.A., expected the Android app still appears in the June 2015