Wifi Unlocker for Android

Wifi Unlocker for Android

A secure password is not the only reason to protect in setting up a wireless network, the A and O. own privacy. And on current legislation it is also responsible for the activities that occur by third parties through its own network, say, a third person Hack and invites illegal movies or music down, so you can be held accountable by the victim accountable. Without a safe password protection so it is better to first set up no-Fi. But how secure are encryption and password? The free smartphone application Wifi Unlocker Android helps just to find out. It checks whether its own network is vulnerable by relying – tried to infiltrate – if possible.

Wifi Unlocker Android trying to infiltrate into their own Wi-Fi

In our download catalog numerous programs are available for free in our data security. The spectrum is very broad. It can be found on the one hand, a lot of free tools and software programs to secure their own data sets, so backup software for Windows or individual files. Also to restore accidentally deleted files, there are a lot of programs. The application Wifi Unlocker Android falls into another sub-category, the category of Password Safe software programs. But in contrast to many other password safe programs with free download the Android app to check the wireless encryption and Wi-Fi password strength is a very unusual way.

Wifi Unlocker Android

Security tool marks vulnerable networks

After Wifi Unlocker Android install the application into its own wireless network is trying to infiltrate. If this is successful the manufacturer or developer Anon tech application, so you know that you have to make improvements in terms of encryption and password security to prevent that third parties gain unauthorized access. The more action is needed because it does not matter for the law, whether, for example, illegal downloads were made by the owner of the wireless network or even by a third person who is unauthorized – has provided access to its own network – sometimes unnoticed legally. the owner of the wireless network is always liable in court and will have to take the fall for everything that happens on this wireless network.

Unauthorized use of other WLANs is offense

After installing Wifi Unlocker shows for Android all networks in the vicinity of the user and indicates the networks that are vulnerable, that have no secure encryption or secure password protection. This means that in theory it is possible, the Android app, which is intended to check the security of own wireless access to use it to infiltrate into foreign wireless networks. However, it must be strictly observed that the unauthorized use of other wireless networks is a criminal offense. Network security is checked in a short time To check the safety of our own networks to Wifi Unlocker Android is in an excellent manner. Is its own network highlighted, you can quickly nachbesser in the appropriate places and thus protect them from unauthorized access. In addition, the app can may also assist in the event that you have the password for your own network forgotten or misplaced.