Christmas competition

our free Christmas competition Download has 14 PDF templates printed shorten the waiting time for Santa Claus. The various puzzles in different difficulty levels suitable for children over five years.

Christmas competition Download

Tricky tasks with the Christmas competition Download:

The free templates include four different types of puzzles of varying difficulty.

  • In the Christmas labyrinths or mazes applies it, armed with a pen to find the right path. But beware: Quick the road ends in a dead end. Children can playfully train their creativity, imagination and the correct guiding the pin on the basis of these puzzles.
  • In order to strengthen concentration and attention, are the Look for errors. Here differences between two identical translucent originals must be found. This mystery - as almost all of our Christmas competition for download - is a good way to make it into a little competition. Simply print the target several times. The first player to find all ten differences wins.
  • Who reading something difficult, it can with the letters salads exercise in a fun way. In the three templates words thematically revolve around Christmas time must be found. The terms can be both forward and backward read and can be horizontally, vertically or diagonally hidden in the letter maze.
  • Which must not be missed at Christmas puzzles the classic par excellence. in the Crossword Terms are searched around the Christmas and found with luck, the right solution word.

Puzzles and Ausmalvorlage in a

The fourteen templates offer not only a festive training of the gray matter and difficult tasks partly motives for coloring. So the prints can in several ways be used. The PDFs are adapted to the Din A4 format and can be printed easily. Especially when one is busy with preparations for the festival itself, and a thousand things to do, the free Christmas puzzles download offers children a meaningful activity that increases the anticipation simultaneously. At the same time the cognitive abilities of the children are trained, resulting in a better ability to concentrate, for faster problem solving and efficient learning. The Christmas motifs and themes still get them the right mood to increase the anticipation for the approaching festival.