Gekko Mahjongg Easter Edition

Gekko Mahjongg Easter Edition brings the oriental logic game in the Paschal robe to the PC. In the Easter edition of the game pieces instead with Asian-inspired motifs with Easter eggs, Easter bunnies and eggs are decorated. Although Gekko Mahjongg Easter-Edition visually stands out from the traditional mahjongg, the freeware plays like the classic board game. A motley confusion swirled pile of tiles must be removed in pairs. you do not continue even further helps Gekko Mahjongg Easter-Edition with a train wizard. Gekko Mahjongg Easter Edition also displays the number of remaining on the board stones as well as the number of exposed stone pairs. On request, the freeware interrupt a game and takes it at a later time again. Anyone who wants can replace the background motif and the background music through personal photos or music. With free Gekko Mahjongg Easter-Edition GEKKO software makes friends of Mahjongg Easter a digital gift. Not only for Easter time, the freeware for entertaining discussions on Windows provides.