MP4 Media Player

MP4 Media Player

the free MP4 Media Player Download brings a truly purist player for audio and video files on PCs with no matter what version of Windows. Frills, whether in terms of handling, comfort, settings or user interface you will certainly look for in vain. For that scores the player with playlists and storable supported against the naming not only the MP4 format.

MP4 Media Player download and installation

The MP4 Media Player Download is relatively slim, but it refers the file size to the integrated "functionality"Could well arise the question of how the nearly 8 MB that brings the player on the scales come together. During installation, users are confronted with no choices, you can see times of the offered toolbars from etc. If you want to automatically open media files by double-clicking with the MP4 media player, the assignment must be made via the Windows Explorer context menu manually, the player does not offer this option.

MP4 Media Player DownloadMP4 Media Player Download as a simple player for audio and video files (Image: Screenshot VSeven software)

Functionality of the media player

MP4 Media Player plays audio and video files of various formats. Supported formats themselves were unable to find any concrete information, the program open dialog provides here the alternatives MP4 and All Files. In the test, the player played from any files that you put in front of him, which is probably because he makes use of the entire system installed codecs – and those can be found on our test system a lot. When playing Unfortunately, the program was in no matter what media format you begin playback an error message and refused consistently to navigate through the file, so forward and rewind. Who now prefer to turn directly, find more free video player downloads here.

Relatively well done is the Creating playlists with the MP4 media player. however, although without drag and drop must as well when playing individual files, otherwise an actual strength of the otherwise primarily shining with functional poverty Audio and Video player is here. So you load all the files to the playlist and can then save it as a text file to invoke pass them or later. In addition, the current playlist by checking the box Remember Current Playlist can keep automatically. Which is then the way the program file under the name currentlist.txt available. Schick is the search function can be through the list. In this way also has extensive file lists under control, benevolent one might here almost speak of a small media management.

The user interface of the audio & video Players

you can see times on the bottom are constantly on-screen advertising for other video tools of the manufacturer – the only disappear in full-screen mode – there is not much to see in the MP4 media player. However, this is partly because the controls are hidden in the normal state and only appear when the mouse moves. Moving the mouse to the left, playlist appear along with search, above the control elements for video and audio. To permanently show all the checks, you check the box above for Show All Controls &# 45; However, the hidden playlist and control a permanent.

MP4 Media Player – the best is probably the name

Why the MP4 Media Player Download is so popular, and is not necessarily after a brief test, still a long search. Error messages, no drag and drop support, an obviously not very good code base and the consequent non-scrolling no matter what media format ensure that you just do not like to see on the minor annoyances, such as the permanent Werbeeinblendung time. In addition, the software is still also changes the Windows color scheme, which is firstly undesirable and secondly takes time when the program starts.

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