Asterix and Friends

In Asterix and Friends the equally known and popular Gallic village awakens to virtual life. demolish legionnaires, hunt wild boar, brew potions - who delights in this life already in the comic books and the films for which the browser game should be a real treat. Because Asterix and Friends is far more than just blunt Haudraufwienix on Roman helmets and noses. Instead, you take on the construction of the village from the ground up in the person of heroes Rumklix. Encircled by the occupiers annoying one creates construction materials brought, built-producing buildings and so upgraded gradually its villagers. And as befits the Gallic hedonists, of course, the physical well-being in Asterix and Friends must not be neglected ... In hearty brawls are taught in Asterix and Friends Roman Mores, the learning success is unfortunately short-lived: an empire can be provoked unwillingly now times. So the patrols return to regularity and also upgraded and go wild Beulerei again. Asterix and Friends particularly impressed by the loving graphic and sound implementation, which should make the heart of fans of the bulbous-nosed cartoon figures higher. For this you need as a player but live with the usual free-to-play characteristics: Although you can also access without using real currency to its destination, but much faster with hard cash. Whosoever therefore will not trigger this kind, for Asterix and Friends gets but a real feast for the eyes. However, it should be noted that the hottest game still plugged currently in beta phase, so there is no guarantee for smooth and error-free game.