Blizzard app

Blizzard app

Online gamblers is the name Blizzard as a term such as The game developer has but now missed his Launcher update: Immediately start the Gamer Blizzard app, if they want to install Diablo III, WoW, Overwatch and Co..

Blizzard replaced app

Already longer it was known that they wanted to separate from unused for years name in the Blizzard. The name was – especially recognizable despite – misleading and especially new players would confuse. With the new name Blizzard app, however it may be known directly what it was.

Blizzard appThe Blizzard app replaces the well-known The features are retained. (Image: Screenshot Blizzard)

However, if you think directly to the smartphone with the new name, is also false: There are still dealing with the launcher for PC and Mac. Whether Blizzard, however, has planned a further expansion of its mobile games for the near future is not known.

Creeping changes

From now on, the launcher thus shows with new logo and new headers. Otherwise, nothing changes in the installer.

Whoever looks around on Blizzard’s side, you may even get to see the old logo. When you download the client but the new name is already set. Do not be surprised: The download files are also still labeled “” – but who installed the launcher, the new version 1.8.0 gets to the PC.

The desktop icon may also adorns even the old logo – but in the launcher even the Blizzard logo and the new logo can now be seen.
As part of the “brand strengthening” that seeks the company with the name change, and individual client components such as Blizzard and Blizzard Streaming Voice have been adjusted.

Blizzard App DownloadWho starts the download from the Blizzard side, place the tool already under a new name. (Image: Screenshot Blizzard)

retained functions

The Blizzard app acts as formerly the who download not only as an installation launcher for the Games of the developer, but also as an update and management platform on the player all of their Blizzard games, including account at a glance. Also access to the shop and there is news to all the games and Blizzard itself will be announced in the launcher as usual.

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