After the program name Firefox x64 hides even for beginners easy to see optimized for 64-bit operating systems edition of the world's most popular and widely used browser. After the meantime complete development freeze Foundation is worked back to browser versions for this processor architecture in the house of Mozilla, the results but only published in the nightly status.

Firefox x64 Download: Test level of the browser on 64-bit

Because of this very early stage of development is the use of the Firefox x64 Downloads strongly discouraged in production and security-sensitive environments. Who on such systems surf with a 64-bit browser on the Internet would be referred to the download of the alternative browsers that are found in our software offering and there are some in more stable 64-bit output.

More speed in systems running 64-bit Windows

Who also raises the question of why and wherefore of Firefox x64, then given a simple answer: Browse Faster! The specialized version of fire fox benefits from Speed ​​increase, the 64-bit CPU and operating system in entail. Above all when surfing to SSL-secured websites this phenomenon should be noticed that such was not confirmed in the benchmark test. Feels surfs it with the 64-bit Firefox However, in a similar operating environment quite faster than with its 32-bit colleagues. It makes itself thus already noticeable that accessed memory beyond the 3.5-gigabyte limit. It should therefore especially a faster web surfing be possible if parallel RAM-hungry software is operated.

faster surfing on 64-bit windows with the 64-bit Firefox

As a major plus proves to also be ensured that the Firefox x64 download after its installation and commissioning with various additional components comes zurande that made the Mozilla browsers are so popular. This concerns for modern surfing experience essential Plugins like Flash Player as well as the countless extensions, whether this is Adblocker, tab or other organizers are to ease the everyday surf with Firefox. Given the sheer mass of extensions, of course, did not test out in detail whether these all work together with the 64-bit nightly build, but it is assumed as a rule it - and promptly to Java was not installed in the test.

Optical twin of the 32-bit Firefox

Otherwise holds the Download the Firefox x64 for the user compared to the 32-bit output few surprises. The optics of the 64-bit browser is taken over one to one, and the menus are there arranged, where they are also in the "normal" Firefox finds. Therefore falls mainly for experienced surfers not even the English-surface too negative the weight, which can be attributed at least in the test of the instabilities not say. Technically not mature Again and again froze the Firefox x64 for periods of between 30 seconds and one minute, whereby the speed advantage by RAM usage rule is perdu. As a full recommendation of the 64-bit Firefox can therefore at least in the current stage of development do not apply, but may be still touched up here.