The free cleaning professional can do without Ccleaner Key. Needed the license only in the Pro version. What are the differences, find out here! Formerly known under the name Crap Cleaner System Optimizer is very popular. And rightly so: With the free download Ccleaner a true Putzfee comes to the PC. His work is more than exemplary, the surface easy to use and also the tool is free and without ccleaner Key available - so that no time limit. A license is required only in the Pro version. Whether this is worth it, to be explained here.

Free version without Ccleaner Key - but fully functional

The Ccleaner made by Piriform is available in three versions, one free and two paid versions available: There is a free, one Professional and Professional Plus version. In addition, the cleaner not only for Windows PC, but also for Mac OS X and an Android app is available. ccleaner Key the free version is that it is not behind the commercial hide, must be seen quickly: So the all-rounder in terms of cleaning and optimization of PCs has cleared countless awards and titles in recent years. In addition, the System Cleaner has been downloaded more than one billion times. No wonder! The tool cleans the hard disk by eliminating unused and temporary files, it removes cookies and other browser data and can disappear unnecessary registry entries. That is, not only dispensable - even treasonous data is discarded and ensure improved performance of the PC.

System cleaning without setup effort

In addition to all functional advantages, the handling of the tool is extremely comfortable. the installation alone could not be easier: download, install and get started: Neither one nor other Ccleaner Key barriers such as registration or additional software are cleaning up in the way. When using the program the user is also provided pleasant setting options. Among other things, the search can be limited to certain file types or sizes, regular tasks can be planned and unnecessary cleanups are disabled. The tool also supports all major browsers and brings useful automated settings for popular programs like Adobe Reader or Microsoft Office with. These and many other features prove that the free System Cleaner provides many of its rivals in the shade. Ccleaner Key Free version

When does a Key when Ccleaner sense?

If that's still not enough to get to the Pro or Pro Plus Version advanced features. For example, the Automatic updating, which can be set manually in the free version, actually carried out fully automatically. In addition, a system and browser monitoring is. In the Plus version, the user also benefits from a recovery function and hardware analysis. However, one Ccleaner Key is required for full use of these functions. If you are not sure, both versions can first test Download a Free Trial. Home users, however, are perfectly equipped with the free version of cleaning professionals.