Dictionarist engages students with a free English dictionary under the arms. The freeware translated some English words and supplies the German language translation including definition and pronunciation. Anyone who wants can retrofit additional languages ​​from the manufacturer's website. After installation Dictionarist does not require active internet connection. The freeware runs on the Windows Operating in the background. Pressing F10 opens the window for translation. Here the user can enter looking for English words and get in a split second, the German translation including English pronunciation as Sample. Alternatively Dictionarist working in the so-called Titlebar mode. Here, the free helper translated marked terms in the title bar of the active application window so that you can work in any application with Dictionarist, without having to open the program window of the translator separately. If you need more than one foreign language for everyday work, you can download additional language modules from the manufacturer's site. With free Dictionarist users get a helpful resource for translation work on the PC. In particular, the titlebar mode to look up foreign words directly into any Windows application simplified.