From time to time you have to be update Opera, so that the browser can function optimally. continue & learn how to update it. Opera is a browser that can be used free of charge and was first published in the 1995th Even today, the browser is very popular with many users because it is held open source and minimalist. Those who have not used this browser can get here download the Opera. In order for this web browser is always up to date and vulnerabilities can be reliably closed, can be updated Opera.

update Opera: for more security and functionality

It has many advantages to update Opera. For example, as new and convenient features added, but also made important improvements in the stability and security. Although Opera checked at regular intervals to see if an update is available currently, but the update can also be triggered manually.

So Opera can be used

To use the browser, a computer with Windows or Linux or a Mac is required. On a Windows PC Windows XP should be installed SP3 (or higher); Linux users need Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, RedHat or openSuSe. Users of Macs is 10.7 or later recommended OS X. In addition, Opera requires at least 512 MB RAM and 300 MB of free space on the hard drive.

update Opera with just a few clicks

Step 1: Since it is important that the browser is always up to date, operators should be adjusted so that updates are automatically loaded. Whenever a recommended update is available, the user information this appears. The update can then be directly installed with one click. step 2: Optional updates are not displayed directly in the rule; Therefore, a manual check to see if an update is available, useful. To check this, can the browser menu "Help" and then "Check for Updates" to be chosen. Update Opera 01.01 step 3The browser will search for updates. If an update is available, it can be installed immediately. Linux users can also use the built Opera package manager to install.