Sign into LOVOO: What to do when the login on strike?

Sign into LOVOO: What to do when the login on strike?

The dating platform can be used on the go on the PC or via app. Too bad if one with him Join LOVOO want, but nothing happens. learn here what you can do to weiterzuflirten.

LOVOO now has around 13 million members. What stands between the user and a huge range of potential partners is only a small login. You can log in to the smartphone both the PC after downloading the app LOVOO.


Sign into LOVOO: Various options of registration

As already mentioned, users can register via the online presence at LOVOO and sign, or via the app. The initial registration can be done via Facebook, Twitter or your own Google account. Anyone who has concerns with the Facebook application from experience, will be picked up directly from LOVOO. The service guarantees that no Posts carried out without the consent of the user to the Chronicle. but you can also invest in the traditional manner by name, e-mail address and password for an account. The platform asks some additional data from as date of birth and place of residence.

Problems with the application: Causes

If you can not log in to LOVOO that can have very different reasons. It is important, first, to find out whether the fault lies, or in a self if there are problems on the part LOVOOs.
Therefore, one should first consider the following things:

LOVOO your password

  • Wrong passwordOne of the most common reasons if the application fails, an incorrect password. In this case, the user simply clicks on the option forgot password and receives an e-mail, the ability to reset the password.
  • Login variant. Given the large number of services, apps and applications, it is really no wonder if one also forgets times, as we have actually registered with LOVOO. Via Facebook, Twitter? Just by playing all variants – may thus solves the problem in air.
  • App registration: For login problems with the app, the fault is probably in the app. Under some circumstances, helps here just once to clear the cache of the app or throw the app from your phone and reinstall. Do not worry: are retained personal data.
  • Find help SupportHas none of the options allows the login, you can also contact the support of the service.

Login problems: causes in LOVOO

Are typical sources of error, such as its own Vergesslich- and clumsiness excluded, the error can also be at the dating platform. If the service has, for example, server problems, it is a common problem, that is, many users then can not log in LOVOO.

LOVOO log incidents

Either you ask in this case, rum or friends you check the incidents on this page. Here, if problems are found, it can sometimes take up to 24 hours until they are resolved.

In the past LOVOO also had to contend with hacker attacks. Since the possibility of application was also paralyzed temporarily.