KDE for Windows extends Windows to the familiar from the world of Linux desktop environment KDE. The freeware Windows supplied with an alternative desktop as well as some popular Linux applications.

KDE for Windows Download: Linux Desktop and Windows

The compact installer KDE for Windows loads more data from the Internet during installation. the Amarok music player, some adapted for KDE Linux games, and a customized version of the VLC media player are included in the package next to the actual desktop. KDE for Windows provides a number of other useful applications. With the Konqueror browser is a web browser and the KOffice suite an office package including word processing and presentation software on board. The individual applications can be customized to your needs quite flexible.

KDE for Windows Download

The free KDE for Windows is according to developers still in an experimental phase. For Linux prospects and Linux users who do not want to give up their familiar working environment on Windows, the Download the freeware always worthwhile.