FRITZ! Box Fon WLAN 7390 Firmware

FRITZ! Box Fon WLAN 7390 Firmware

The current FRITZ! Box Fon WLAN 7390 Firmware extends the popular FRITZ! Box 7390 with additional interesting features. From improving already integrated features to increase the wireless range can be achieved through a simple update of the software much.

FRITZ! Box 7390 firmware download will bring more power into the home network

The FRITZ! Box 7390 offers good facilities for home networks, whether it is a DSL or VDSL line. With WLAN N, Gigabit-LAN, two USB ports, the FRITZ! NAS and a built-in media server is a versatile multimedia center to disposal. Exercise to stay informed at all times about calls and voice messages. In this update the firmware numerous features have been added. The Fritz box provides after FRITZ! Box 7390 Firmware Download new options for telephony and where compliance with DSL, Internet and Wi-Fi as even more powerful. Optimizations DSL vectoring provide more power on a VDSL. Moreover FRITZ has! NAS now an HTML media player and smart home was equipped with a temperature display and a countdown. The child safety has become even more robust by the manufacturer.

FRITZ! Box 7390 Firmware Download

Improved performance for ADSL, VDSL and LTE

Especially for DSL, wireless and Internet OS has in the FRITZ! Done some 6 firmware. Worth mentioning include optimizing performance for ADSL, VDSL, vectoring and LTE. New since version 6.20 are the Support for LTE mobile sticks to the USB port and MyFRITZ! -Access to the access type Mobile (3G) of the FRITZ! Box. The Ersteinrichtungsassistent been extended to mobile settings and parental control can be set up not only easier but also more resistant to circumvent attempts.


Convenient remote control via tablet or smartphone

The input of child safety online times can also be done comfortably via tablet or smartphone. This also applies for the wireless timing circuit which can be controlled fairly straightforward with the mobile devices. The initial setup was also extended to include wireless information. The user is using detailed information about the connected wireless devices provided. In the field of telephony to election rules for automatic call-by-call phone calls can be set. In addition, entering the answering machine timer is now possible via smartphone.

FRITZ! Box 7390 firmware download control

Comfortable HTML multimedia player for photos, music and video

Who Fon has a DECT / FRITZ!, Has a new, combined call list including voicemail messages, and support for important people and personalized ringtones in connection with the Google PhoneBook. An acquisition of own ringtones and wallpapers directly from the media player is possible. A comfortable HTML Multimedia Player ** for photos, music and video is integrated and an upload drag&Drop; of single or multiple files in the Internet browser is possible.

Easy installation of the FRITZ! Box 7390 Firmware

more new NAS features are searching for metadata, and rename multiple files at once. The media server can handle created in Google Play Music playlists with Google’s music subscription services. Useful is the clear summary of settings and information with respect to security under a separate menu item and the retrieval of information about the last user logins to the FRITZ! Box interface. To perform the update, the user saves the firmware on his computer, opens the Web browser and returns the address "" or "" on. Now he chooses in the area "settings" the menu item "Advanced settings" and "system", Click on the sub-item "Firmware Update" and selects the tab "Firmware File", Other drivers and tools from AVM can be found for free download in our software catalog.

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FRITZ! Box 7390 Firmware Update Download

Numerous improvements and interesting new features It is worthwhile to carry out the FRITZ! Box 7390 firmware download. The manufacturer has a total of 99 improvements and news among others, WLAN, DECT, network storage, smart home and child safety on. The firmware should always keep owners of widespread wireless router from AVM on the cutting edge of things.