Arctic Combat

In Arctic Combat virtual soldiers shouldering their weapons and move into an armed confrontation on the edge of the apocalypse. The free first-person shooter added a well-known war scenario in a close and not even all too unrealistic future. the raw materials are on the earth increasingly and irreversibly depleted, as researchers discover under the ice sheets of the Arctic, a new giant field full of resources: the story. As might be expected, raises at Arctic Combat manages unrestrained cut and thrust on, led by two hegemonic powers called Allied Force and Red Star Alliance. Between these two sides, the Allied Force by the US and the Red Star Alliance - you guessed it - led by Russia, is chosen at the beginning of the online shooter Arctic Combat. However, standing in contrast to comparable Geballer this genre no classes in this sense the election, but the player defined by the weapons used. These largely determine the nature of warfare. So large caliber brings naturally more oomph to the battlefield, but thus reduces the mobility considerably one. The in-game Arctic Combat shop holds against corresponding Obolus bargain alternative weapons with which you can still change his fighting style, depending on the favor at a later date. Otherwise Arctic Combat has PvP standard types such as Team Deathmatch, Free for all, Demolition, Conquest and Search and Destroy. In PvE missions, however, it does clearly defined tasks and sends computer opponents in the cold here, happy hunting grounds ...